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How does Walk to Plant work? πŸ‘£
How does Walk to Plant work? πŸ‘£
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We want to encourage everyone to get outside and walk. It's good for the atmosphere and good for the soul. 🌱

Using Walk to Plant, we fund reforestation in one of 35+ biodiversity hotspots when you hit your step goal.🚢

Our tree-planting partner is Ecosia. They avoid monoculture planting and are one of the most reputable reforestation organizations in the world. 🌳

How do I enable "Walk to Plant"?

To enable Walk to Plant, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Home tab in the Treecard app, and tap 'Walk'

  2. Click on Connect my steps

  3. Allow Treecard to connect to your phone's local health data!

Congrats! All you have to do now is start walking 😊

How do you count my steps?

Once your health data is connected to Treecard, you will be able to see your current step count in the Walk tab:


Your steps are synced to your device's health data through Apple Health or Google Fit.

Your steps will accumulate until you reach your step goal, and you'll earn a virtual tree in your tree valley!

In your Tree Valley, you can select different trees based on your step goals. Each tree funds reforestation, but some fund proportions of real trees (ie: 0.2 of a real tree) and some fund 1 real tree. The more steps you walk, the more trees you plant!

​Please note:

  • This feature will only work with your phone's health data πŸ“±

    • We are working on syncing with other step trackers, like Fitbit. Stay tuned!

  • The steps are not counted in real time, as there is a small delay between when your phone tracks them and when they are sent to us. ⏰

  • We do not count any steps that have been manually added to your phone.

Help! My steps aren't syncing

There's usually two reasons why your steps aren't syncing:

1. Check the App or Google Play store for updates and make sure you have the newest version!

2. Check to see if you have sharing permissions turned on. Here's how to find/turn them on:

  • For iPhone: Phone Settings > Health > Data Access & Devices > enable 'Treecard' 🍎

  • For Android: Phone Settings > Apps > Treecard > Permissions > grant 'Physical Activity' permissions πŸ€–

If your app is updated, your permissions are on, but your steps still aren't counting, please contact support! To find out more information, please take a look at the following article: Help! Why are my steps not being counted?

How do we pay for the trees?

Eco-brands and charities often pay us to feature their brands in our app, and we use that money to plant trees! It's pretty simple: they pay to show off their sustainable business, and you get great dealsβ€” win win! 🌱

You can find these sponsors at the bottom of the Walk tab, and see their exclusive offers in the rewards section. Whenever you redeem a product reward, we earn a small commission, which we use to fund trees.

We never sell or share your data with anybody. Your steps are safe with us! πŸ”’

Why is there a weekly tree limit?

With sponsorship funding alone, we can only afford to plant around 4 trees each week together. If you want to plant more, check out our article: How to maximize your impact πŸ“ˆ

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