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Plaid FAQs πŸ”—
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What is Plaid?

Plaid is a technology company that allows you to connect your bank account to apps. We have partnered with Plaid to make sure connecting your bank account to Treecard is easy and safe!

Does Plaid do anything with my data?

Neither Treecard or Plaid see or store your bank account information. When you are sign-in using your banking info, Plaid sends those details to your bank to authenticate via your bank's internal computer.

If you feel uncomfortable with this, we recommend checking out this article for other options to add funds to your Treecard account.

Plaid is asking for my routing and account number - how do I find it?

When linking certain bank or credit union accounts to Treecard, Plaid will ask you to enter your ACH routing and account number. This info can be found on the bottom of a paper check or in your bank's online portal/app or you can contact your bank directly to ask for your account info.


Please keep in mind:

  • Your ACH routing and account number may be different than your credit union's member number. Please make sure you are entering your ACH account number.

  • Your ACH routing/account number never contains letters. If you are seeing a letter in your account number, please contact your financial institution. They should be able to provide your ACH account number if there is any confusion.

  • Some smaller banks and credit unions use the same account number for your saving and checking account. If this is the case, please contact your bank and ask what number you should use for your ACH checking account number. Then enter that account number into Plaid.

  • If you are entering your account number from a paper check, please do not enter the check number. See the picture above.

My bank is not listed or supported by Plaid

If you do not see your bank or credit union in our list of banks, it probably indicates your bank is not supported by our partner, Plaid.

If your bank is not supported, you have other options to maximize your impact with Treecard and start planting trees! Check out our article: How to maximize my impact with Treecard 🌎

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