What is Spend? πŸ’΅
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How does Spend work?

With our new Spend feature, you can increase your tree-planting impact while creating sustainable habits. You simply link your existing bank card, and we keep an eye out for your eco-purchases! 🌱

Every time you buy public transit tickets or shop at an associated eco-brand, we'll send you reward points for your eco-conscious spending habits. We don't sell or share this data with anyone πŸ€—

With Spend enabled, you will:

  • 🌲 Increase your tree-planting limit to seven trees a week

  • πŸ› Earn extra points for all your sustainable purchases

Great! How do I turn on Spend?

Enabling Spend is fast, free, easy:

  1. On the Treecard App Home, click on the Spend tab

  2. Scroll down and click on 'Securely link my account'

  3. Verify your bank account with Plaid


Congrats, you have now successfully enabled Spend πŸŽ‰

If you run into any issues connecting with Plaid, check out these articles. They should help!

What purchases qualify for earning reward points?

Purchases that qualify for Spend, fall into two separate categories:

  • 🚌 Journeys - through public transportation

  • πŸ› Good purchases - from sustainable brands

To find out which vendors qualify, please take a look at this article: Earn points making sustainable purchases ⭐️

Will I be charged? How does this make money?

No, we will not charge your bank account or card. Our Spend feature is completely free to use, meaning we currently don't make any money off this feature. πŸ€—

As always, we don’t sell any of your data – just show you awesome, eco-brands. Plus, they often give you special rewards for using Treecard – win-win! 🀝

Why do you want me to connect my bank account?

We'd love if you connected your bank account for two reasons:

  1. As we mentioned before, how we spend can powerfully impact our climate. To reward your eco-spending, we need to be able to see it! 🌱

  2. It makes the process easier if you would ever like to take your tree-planting to the next level and opt-in to our premium features 🌟

Having your account already linked removes a lot of friction, and helps us catch connection errors before you decide to upgrade!

Please note: Signing up for Spend doesn't mean you are signed up for any premium features - all of our features are require explicit opt-in and have their own sign-up pages.

Things to keep in mind πŸ€”

Enabling Spend doesn't enable or order our wooden debit card. If you already have a wooden debit card, you will not qualify for this program. πŸ’³

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