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Spend 🛍️
Earn points making sustainable purchases ⭐️
Earn points making sustainable purchases ⭐️
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Creating sustainable habits and making a positive impact on the environment is probably why you starting using Treecard in the first place!

Now, Treecard is incentivizing good spending habits by awarding you even more points and unlocking more trees to plant. It's called Spend - an easy way to get more rewards and make a big impact! 🌳

How does it work?

To get started earning points for green purchases, all you have to do is securely link your bank account or credit card through our partner Plaid. Read how to do it here: What is Spend? 💵

Once you successfully connect your bank account, all your purchases with associated eco-brands or public transportation will earn you points.

As always, we don’t sell any of your data – just show you awesome, eco-brands. Plus, they often give you special rewards for using Treecard – win-win! 🤝

Please note: If you already have a wooden Treecard, you will not qualify for this program. 💳

Sustainable brands 🛍

Please find the list of sustainable brands, which qualify for extra points earned by category:







Public transport 🚃

The brands listed above are just the beginning, please stay tuned for more eco-brands being added to this program.

I want to suggest something for the program!

We're totally open to all suggestions! If you have any suggestions on brands you would like us to add, please fill out this feedback form. If you add your suggestion there, we will contact you once we implement it!

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