Bank Not Registered - Plaid 👕
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Help! I can’t sign-up with Plaid

If you are seeing this message, our signup system (Plaid) doesn’t have your bank registered in its system 🏦

While Plaid works for the majority of financial institutions, this does happen sometimes. To see some of the US institutions that support Plaid, check out this link.

So, how do I sign up then?

It's a quick fix - try using a different bank account!

    • Use the Plaid search bar to find your other bank provider🔎

    • Try signing in with your new bank🤞

    • Please note: If you bank with a smaller institution, Plaid may not have access 😞

If you see your institution in the Plaid search bar, but are still receiving this error, please contact Support! 🌳

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