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Missing Account Info - Plaid 👕
Updated over a week ago

Help! I can’t sign-up with Plaid:

If you’re seeing this error, it means your bank needs you to log-in to their website before Plaid can access their accounts. 💻

While this error can pop-up for all sorts of reasons, it’s never too serious or difficult to fix! 🌳

Why did I get this error?

These errors usually involve a missing piece of account information or a required change to your account ℹ️

Here are a few reasons:

1. Your institution requires you to make some change to your account like:

  • Agreeing to terms and conditions ✅

  • Entering additional account information➕

  • Resetting your password ✍️

2. There’s some missing information on your account:

  • Missing Birthdate 🎂

  • Missing Address 🏠

  • Missing Routing Number

3. Your institution requires extra configuration steps to connect to Plaid

  • Enabling 3rd party access 🔓

How to fix:

To fix these issues, you will need to log-in to your bank’s website 🏦

Step 1: Ensure there are no uncompleted actions

  1. Look for task messages on your bank website 📄

    • eg: Reset password, agree to terms and conditions, add account information, etc.

  1. Complete all of these required tasks ✔️

Step 2: Ensure there is no missing account information

  1. Go to your Accounts page 👤

  2. Look at your ‘personal details’ section.

  3. Ensure there is no missing information.

Step 3: Allow access to Plaid

  1. Go to your bank's Settings page ⚙️

  2. Find “third party application” or “third party access” setting

  3. Select “Allow”

After you complete all of these actions, you should be able to sign up.🤞🌳

This can usually all be done online, but some banks require you to call their phone number.

Help! I’m still getting the error!

If you’ve updated all account information, completed your bank’s task list, and enabled third party access and are still receiving the same error message, please reach out to our support team!

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