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Help! I can’t sign-up with Plaid:

If you are seeing this message, our signup system (Plaid) thinks you may have entered incorrect information when signing up.

But don’t worry - this article will get you signed-up and planting trees in no time! 🌱

Why did I get an error?

There are 3 reasons somebody would receive this message:

  1. Incorrect log-in details were entered (username, email, or password)

  2. The wrong institution was selected 🏦

  3. Your institution requires extra confirmation steps

Follow the steps below to get signed-in:

Step 1: Double check that your sign-in information and institution are correct 🔎

  • Check for typos, extra spaces, punctuation, etc.

  • Use the same log-in info you’d use for your bank’s website.

Step 2: Try signing-in again! 🌳

Step 3: If you get the same error message, go to your financial institution’s website 🏦

Step 4: Locate the website’s settings page. ⚙️

Step 5: Turn on third party permissions

  • (eg: Click “allow third party access”, “third party application password”, etc.)

Step 6: Try to sign-in again. 🤞

Help! It’s still not working?

If you have followed all the steps and are still getting the same error message, please contact Support! We’d love to help you troubleshoot this, but we highly recommend trying out the steps above first! 💚

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