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With the Discover tab in the Treecard app, you always have impact and educational resources available at your fingertips.

These resources will provide a clear understanding of the tremendous contribution of you and the Treecard community is creating every day to help our planet, wildlife, and local communities. 🌳

You can find the Discover tab in the bottom navigation bar, second to the right 🧭.


Your Impact Report 🌎

To open your Impact report, please navigate to the Discover tab and tap on the section labelled "Your personal impact report".

We split the impact report into two sections: My impact and Community impact, so you are always up to date with your own tree-planting impact and the total impact of the Treecard community in total.

Not sure how much impact these trees are making? Don't worry - we have easy-to-understand metrics about the global impact of your tree-planting journey.

These include:

  • 🌳 The total number of trees planted

  • πŸ—Ί The area the planted trees cover, measured in acres

  • πŸ›’ The total amount of carbon absorbed, measured in tons

  • 🌊 The number of plastic bottles removed from the ocean


Can I see the trees I've personally planted?🌱

We've heard your feedback about wanting to receive more information about the trees you are planting with Treecard. Our community has planted over 3 million trees to date, so we won't be able to send updates on each individual tree that is planted.

However, we will continue to post photos and videos of different tree planting sites, so you can see the reforestation impact growing!

Plus, you can find planting updates by clicking on the little circles at the top of the Discover Page!


In this section, you can find real-time updates and snapshots of the trees you're planting, accompanied by fascinating facts about the tree species and the location.

Please spread the word and inspire others to plant trees with us by easily sharing these tree updates on social media!

All tree updates in the Discover tab are all related to trees that were planted by Treecard users at one of our tree planting sites. 🌳🌳🌳

Our blog posts also have in-depth information about our tree-planting partners:

Learn about our partners πŸ§‘β€πŸŒΎ

The Discover tab 🧭 also includes a ton of information in regard to our partners and their impact, such as:

You can also view a map with all our tree-planting locations, view Treecard's blog, read our tree-planting FAQs, or join our community.

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