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What is Tree Valley?

In your Tree Valley you can plant trees, build your island, and earn daily reward points, so that you can see your real-life tree-planting impact grow virtually every day!

You can find the Tree Valley in the bottom navigation bar in the Treecard app.

Getting Started 🧑‍🌾

To plant trees in your Tree Valley, you have to first earn real trees. You can do this through:

The virtual trees in your valley are representative of your real world tree-planting, To learn more about the real-life trees planted with Treecard, please check out the following articles:

How to Plant Trees in your Valley 🧑‍🌾

Once you’ve earned a tree, you can plant it in your Tree Valley. Here’s how:

  1. Choose which type of tree you’d like to plant from the bottom menu 🧑‍🌾

  2. Use your finger to drag your tree from the bottom menu to your valley 👆

  3. Find an open spot and let go of the tree 🌱

  4. Tap the ‘Plant’ button to plant your tree! 🌳


Once you’ve planted your tree, you’ll receive 50 reward points 🌟

Every time you get a tree, just repeat this process and build your own little island utopia! 🔁

Pro Planter Tip: If you plant in the water, you'll make a brand new island 🏝️

How to move your trees 🎯:

Don’t like where you put your tree? Want to change up your island’s design? Don’t sweat!

With our Drag and Drop feature, you can plant your trees wherever you like, whenever you like. 👆

Here's how:

  1. Tap on the tree you’d like to move 🌲

  2. Tap ‘Move ✥’ button

  3. Drag & Drop your tree to your new planting spot 🎯

  4. Tap ‘Plant ✔️”


That’s it! You can do this any time, with any tree you have previously planted.

How to earn reward points in your valley ⭐️

Did you know that your Tree Valley can earn you up to 5 extra reward points each day?

Just click on the stars above your trees, and you’ll get a point for each one clicked. Make sure to check back daily to harvest all your points!

Until you have planted 5 trees, you will only get a star for each tree you have (ie: 3 trees = 3 stars). So make sure to keep going and get to 5 trees.

For more info on our rewards program, please take a look here: Treecard Rewards ⭐️

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