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Treecard Rewards ⭐️
Updated over a week ago

With Treecard, you can plant trees as you walk & spend, while earning points that you can redeem for rewards! 🌎

Treecard Rewards are better for you and the planet. Our rewards are aligned with our mission and your values. 💚

All of our rewards are vetted and selected for their sustainability, from responsible travel experiences to products that help you live more sustainably, to the protection of endangered animals. 🐅

How do I earn points for rewards? ⭐️

You can easily earn rewards points two ways:

1. Walking with🚶Walk To Plant - every virtual tree you plant, you'll earn 50 reward points!

2. Making sustainable purchases with our 💸 Spend feature - every dollar spent, you'll earn 1 point!

To learn all of the ways you can earn points, check out our article here.

Will I still plant trees while earning reward points? 🌳

Yes! Reward points are our way of saying thank you for planting trees with us. Every time you plant a virtual tree in your valley, you will earn 50 points.

You can see how many trees you’ve planted on the Home page, Discovery Page, and in your Tree Valley! You can find each pages on the bottom tab in the app. Rewards Terms and Conditions apply.

Do reward points expire? 🗓

No, your points will never expire! You can redeem your points right away or save them to redeem at a later time. Rewards Terms and Conditions apply.

How do I keep track of my reward points? 📗

You can see your points on the Rewards page in the top left hand corner. Every time you earn or use points, this number will update!


You can also check how you've earned and spent your points by tapping the little clock in the top right-hand corner. 🕓


If you'd like to learn more about reward points, check out our article on it here!

To get more points updates, we also recommend enabling the rewards notifications in the Treecard app under ⚙️ > Notifications settings. Rewards Terms and Conditions apply.

How do I use my points to redeem rewards? 🎁

You can redeem your points for eco-rewards on the Rewards page. All you have to do is scroll around, find the reward you want to redeem, and tap on the image of the reward.

You can also click the small button here to filter by Reward Type or Progress to find the perfect reward for you!


Once you have chosen your reward, tap the green 'Claim Now' or "Gift Now" button at the bottom!

Why are some rewards exclusive? 🤔

We are all about rewarding impact at Treecard. Users who opt in to our premium features plant up to 10x more trees, so we reserve some special rewards for them. 🏆

If you want to become a super-powered planter and unlock these rewards, you can take the first step by enabling Spend. Learn more here: What is Spend? 💵

How long does it take for me to receive my reward? 📬

As soon as you claim your reward, it will be confirmed and processed. It can take up to 30 days for you to receive a physical reward, but digital rewards should arrive by email immediately.

Sometimes, we experience shipping delays. When we do, we will make sure to contact you . Rest assured, you will certainly receive your reward

If you have questions about a reward, please reach out to our support team through the In-App chat or email [email protected].

What address will my reward be shipped to? 🏡

We will ship your rewards to your mailing address on file with your Treecard account.

You can add or change your address in our app by:

  1. Go to Home

  2. Click the Gear ⚙️ in the top right corner

  3. Select Personal Details

  4. Under Contact Details, click on the Address field

  5. Type in your address and click "Update"

If you can't change your address, please reach out to our support team by email [email protected], prior to redeeming your points for the reward.

How do the experience rewards work? ⛰

Reward experiences will be redeemed in form of an AirBnB credit, so you can choose the timing for the experience.

After claiming this reward, you'll receive a digital gift card for the Airbnb experience and more details on how to customize and book your experience offer.

Please note that Treecard will not cover travel costs, lodging, and meals associated with an experience.
Rewards Terms and Conditions apply.

Can I give rewards to friends? 🎁

Absolutely! You're allowed to send all kinds of gifted rewards to friends. You even get a reward yourself when you send a gift to a friend - learn more here!

I have an idea for a reward. How can I suggest that to you? 💡

We love hearing your ideas! You can submit your suggestion by clicking here and filling out our suggestions form

If you enter your suggestion in our form, we’ll definitely let you know if and when we implement your suggestion! Thanks for your help

Help! I’m missing reward points! What do I do? 😱

Please reach out to our support team through the In-App chat or email [email protected]. Our support team will be happy to help you get this sorted out.

Help! I never received my reward! What do I do? 😰

Please note that Treecard Rewards can sometimes take slightly longer than you are accustomed to. Shipping can take up to 30 days as we opt for more environmentally-friendly shipping methods. We aren't Amazon, we are reforesting the Amazon! 🌱

If it has been longer than 30 days, please reach out to our support team through the In-App chat or email [email protected]. Our support team will be happy to help you get this sorted out.

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