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How to earn reward points 🌟
How to earn reward points 🌟
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In our app, you can earn points for sustainable rewards in tons of ways!

Walk to Plant

Using Walk to Plant, we fund the planting of a real trees in one of 35+ biodiversity hotspots when you hit your step goal🚢

When you plant your virtual trees in your Tree Valley, it earns you 50 reward points! 🌟


Treecard is now incentivizing your good spending habits, by helping you earn even more points toward tree planting and rewards. 🌳
You can connect your bank account, and we'll keep track of your spending. All good purchases with eco-brands or public transportation will earn you points!

To learn more, plus see a list of our associated brands - check out our article: Earn points making sustainable purchases ⭐️

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